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5 Interesting Facts About Art

Art is fascinating and so is finding out about facts! So what better way to start your investment into purchasing art than to learn about 5 interesting facts about art? Are you ready? Let’s go! 1) Scientific research has shown that students who learn about art are more apt to earn high academic achievements. If

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Pop Art For Sale And What To Buy

Pop Art For Sale And What To Buy Picture it, you’re all settled in your house and now you need some wall art to spice up your living space. Or maybe you just want to change the way your home looks. Before you buy pop art canvas, you should figure out why you’re buying pop

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Keith Haring Art

Keith Haring Art Keith Haring is without a doubt my favorite artist. The simplistic use of the line and his ability to make stick figures and barking dogs through a line drawing made his appeal universal and understandable. Haring used lots of bright colors for his stick figure characters or blob people, depending on whom

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Unique Art You’ll Love

Unique Art Are you looking for unique art? if so, you’ll love Alex Vera art! Bright, bold, colorful artwork that will brighten up your home with a modern style that is timeless. These original pop art paintings are fun and loveable! Alex art incorporates themes of happiness, love, and hope that will bring a smile

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Dismaland Banksy

Banksy Theme Park Dismaland: A Realistic Imagination Of Disney Land and Disney World

Everybody knows how corporate America has continued to ruin careers, lives, and even fantasy worlds. Disney has lost much of its magic in the recent years due to lack of innovation, imagination, and expansion. Much of this is due likely to investors wanting to make more profits at any cost – regardless of if its

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Sherwin Williams Famous Artists Commercial

Sherwin Williams has come up with a brilliantly creative paint advertisement. They’ve found an amusing and relative way to sell their paint brand by using famous artists throughout history. From Andy Warhol to Vincent Van Gogh, this commercial is hilarious and entertaining, while still enticing customers to purchase Sherwin Williams paint. Definitely a classic YouTube

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