What Is Art Really When a 4Chan Screenshot Sells For $90,900?

Andy Warhol, if you were alive today I don’t even think you would understand what art is. The art world is so different, it’s hard to distinguish what’s art and what isn’t. Warhol basically was the first to make something commercial into art, thus starting the pop art movement. He took something that had no meaning, painted it, and the world interpreted it into many different things, trying to find a reason as to why that Campbell soup can was painted…so many times.

Then there was Keith Haring whose art looked at first to be meaningless, but had a deeper meaning and message within it. Both pop artists took art to another level. But right now, there seems to be no one definitive artist of the time and no one definitive style.

Pop art is still around, but it’s not as in your face as it used to be. A lot of it is cutesy. And yes, even my art is cutesy with its cartoonish characters. But that’s what I enjoy painting. Abstract art is around, but again it’s not everywhere and there’s not a well-known artist in the genre that I can recollect.

But back to famous artists. Many would argue that Banksy, Koons, and even Peter Max are influential artists. And I do agree with that. However, there is no “Picasso”, no “Warhol”, no image/persona/hollywood star of an artist these days.

Banksy stays under the radar, keeping his face hidden from the media. Koons isn’t much of a publicity seeker, minus the cover art he did for Lady Gaga’s last album. And Max, well, although he was big during the Woodstock heyday and the paintings he did for the Statue of Liberty’s restoration in the 1980s, he’s not much in the media mainstream anymore.

But it’s okay to be an artist that isn’t in the spotlight. After all, many people in the art community would call you a sell out. I don’t care what anybody calls me. I live my life for myself. And I very much enjoy the spotlight because it allows my art to be seen by everyone.

So, getting that out of the way. What is art really these days? It’s definitely not a screen shot of a 4Chan post. Far from it. Even if the so-called art was supposed to be a criticism of the art world. It was still outrageous to find out someone paid $90,900 on eBay. Or did they?

I happened to email the seller of the supposed $90,900 4Chan artwork and it turns out, per the seller, “the buyer never paid for it”. All I can think of is it was either an elaborate scheme, or a great publicity stunt. Side note, the seller didn’t have any other artwork listed in his listings for sale so I don’t believe he is an artist.

I think that art really is whatever makes you happy. If it’s a soda can that has been repeatedly crushed on the streets by cars running over it or a statue made from hair – as long as you like it, it’s art.