Trying To Be The Next Big Thing In The Art World

So I’ve been thinking about it lately. Time flies. It sure does. I mean, this year is already a quarter over and it’s hard to believe. Knowing that time is going by so quickly, in the back of my head, I always feel like it’s a race against time trying to get my art out to the world.

It’s funny, you would think in this day and age, anybody could become famous overnight. But the truth is, that isn’t the case. Being famous takes a lot of promotion, marketing, time, and money! All that most of us lack.

I’ve been getting my work into exhibitions, I have done posters derived from my paintings for the American Cancer Society, I’ve been commissioned by Coca-Cola for their Coca-Cola Life soft drink, and I’ve also have posters, playing cards, and moleskines of my Statue of Liberty painting which is prominent on the home banner of my website.

I have even exhibited in Art Basel Miami in 2011 and Sleepless Nights. My Madonna painting made the cover of the Miami Herald and became the selling point of the exhibition. But even with all those accomplishments, making a name for yourself is hard in the art world. And trying to be the next big thing in the art world is difficult.

With music, people can see who you are, you get lots of exposure, and marketability isn’t as hard. With art, it’s different. Even Jean Michel Basquiat envied Madonna when he told her that she was lucky that music reaches people easier than art does. And it’s true. That’s why Keith Haring took to the subways to make his subway chalk drawings. He knew that most people don’t even visit an art museum.

That was the 1980s and the same holds true now. That’s why there are graffiti artists out on the pavement tagging up the walls to get their work shown. And with galleries charging artists to have their work displayed, it’s better to reach more people by spray painting a subway than shelling out cash to have your art sit there and possibly sell. If graffiti on the wall changed anything at all, then it would be illegal.

So I am on a crusade to market myself more, get my face and name out there, and try to be the next big thing in the art world. Why? Because my art makes me happy and I want everyone in the world to feel as happy as I do when I look at my art. I want to share my happiness, spread my message, and inspire others to do the same.