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The Messiness And Truth Behind Abstract Art

I always like to think my art will constantly change form. I mean, I started off as a pop artist painting primarily pop art, but lately I’ve incorporated some abstract art within my pop art. Primarily because, I feel that my life is so messy right now, abstract art seems to emulate what I’m going through. The sheer beauty of the imperfection that abstract art brings relays my feelings. It’s nice too, to not have to worry about my art being perfect by painting this way.

I started to incorporate abstract into my work just out of sheer curiousity to see what I could produce. And when I kept meddling in it, I feel in love. Don’t get me wrong, I love pop art and I will continue on my path with what I’ve been doing and what’s been known as my signature collage style meets stain glass art. The best artists are the ones who evolve.