Statue of Liberty Playing Cards

Unique Playing Cards

Ellis Island has nothing on these Statue of Liberty playing cards created from original artwork by Alex Vera. My Liberty Pops pop art painting has been licensed for use on greeting cards and playing cards and are currently sold in select Macy’s, Barnes & Nobles, and gift shops in New York city. What does the Statue of Liberty say? Well if she could speak, she would agree this painting and the creative use of my art would make Ellis Island and New York proud. Alex Vera’s Liberty Pop painting is exactly what the Statue of Liberty represents and these Statue of Liberty playing cards are a perfect addition to any poker or card playing aficionado!

The Statue of Liberty is one of my favorite landmarks to paint. It represents freedom, the American dream, and happiness. These playing cards are fun, unique and is one of the first licensing deals of my artwork. If you’re interested in purchasing these playing cards, be sure to contact your local Barnes & Nobles Contact or Macy’s today and get your hands on these beautiful Statue of Liberty playing cards.

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