I Miss the Days of MySpace Do You?

Myspace Was The First Popular Of All Social Networking Sites

Times sure change quickly nowadays. With popular social networking sites like Instagram, Twitter, and the top leading site for many years now, Facebook, it seems like the Millenial generation missed out on what I think was the best social networking site ever created. And that site was called Myspace.

What Made Myspace So Popular And Cool?

There were many things that were unique about MySpace that you just can’t get with the current social networks today. With MySpace, you were able to customize your profile page, add music to convey your mood without having to update a status, and if that didn’t work with you, you could do just that by putting how you feel in your headline. It was also fun to show the person you were in love with at the time how much you favored them by putting them in your top 8. With the social networking sites now, you can’t do that. But a lot of the credit for taking away those glory days goes to hackers.

Being able to change your background and add HTML to comments (like inserting a gif animation – something Facebook still doesn’t do), allowed hackers to exploit MySpace and their code. There was once a person who made a hack that added himself to everyone on the network, the same way “Tom” was always your friend upon sign up.

BuzzFeed recently published a cool article 29 Things You’ll Only Remember If You Were A MySpace Kid and boy did that open up the emotional floodgates for me. They pretty much summed up the nostalgia I feel about the old MySpace days. I remember always getting a comment saying “Thanks for the add” upon adding a new person – especially if it was a person I never met. On Facebook or Instagram and even Twitter, don’t expect anything, even a conversation from these new adds. How impersonal can the Millenials be?

You could even use fake names, show your love for someone or a friend by holding up a sign stating your affection for them in a picture, and glittered pictures along with finding the newest hottest unsigned band was the “in” thing. Facebook is so closed off and pretty much a fun killer. It’s great if you don’t want to meet people, but the internet is such a fun way to meet people, why make it so dull? Which leads me to…

Using MySpace To Date New People

I met the most amazing dates on MySpace! Hands down, there has never been a better dating site like MySpace. Yes, MySpace wasn’t intended to be a dating site but everyone either had a date or a one night stand through MySpace. Facebook, uh, not so much. I’m not saying it hasn’t happened on Facebook, but it’s a different vibe and people are more uptight. It could be the day we live in or the standards Facebook puts people in. Who knows? All I do know is I met a lot of great people that I dated whom I am still friends with, enough said.

Who Still Uses MySpace?

Bands now are usually the only ones who still use MySpace. Which is funny because it has now come full circle since MySpace was created as a platform for bands to connect with their fans. There are still a lot of regular people, I guess you can call band fans who use MySpace. But it’s not used the way Facebook is at all anymore.

Will MySpace ever make a comeback? I don’t think it will. It’s gone the way of the web which means it’s 15 minutes of fame are up. But I’ll never forget you. MySpace will always be one of my favorite social media sites.