The Digital Age We Live In

Art In The Digital Age

So much has changed since the internet was born 23 years ago (August 6, 1991 is when the internet was born per And in that little and short time, so much has changed. The way artwork is created is different. The way art is sold is different. The way art is seen is different. We’ve come so far and so many projects have arose from the digital decades that leaves one to wonder what makes a true artist today. A graphic designer? A painter? Both?
There’s been a debate for a while now that many graphic artists are not true artists. This was thrown upon Andy Warhol, Roy Lichtenstein and others like Keith Haring. Warhol and Lichtenstein both made a living starting off doing “graphic design” and illustrations for magazines and other ad agencies before finding their niche as pop artists. But in this day and age, both graphic designers and painters are artists.

What do you think?