Artist Alex Vera

Art has always been the one thing that has made sense to me. No matter what you paint, it means different things to different people. I like that. And the reason I do, is because people don’t see things the same way. Just as we are all different, our perception is too. Going back to why art makes sense to me is, whatever you paint has some kind of resonance to it. People either love it or hate it.

Art evokes emotion and is a great creative outlet for me. I sing and write songs as well but over the years, I started to dive into painting. It actually came about by accident. It was Christmas and I didn’t have much money. A good friend of mine at the time fell in love with a Mickey Mouse giclee that was painted in the style of Picasso (I believe the painting is called “Micasso”). He had seen it and it was over $3K for a giclee. Knowing I couldn’t afford it, and that he absolutely loved it, I decided to take a chance and paint it myself.

Although my main dream was to be a singer/songwriter, I decided to turn my focus towards art. I could always draw cartoon characters ever since I was a child. I mastered Garfield and Snoopy along other Sunday cartoon comic characters that popped out of the newspaper. Surely I would be able to draw and paint this Mickey Mouse painting for my friend. So I went to buy canvas and paints and began to sketch out the Mickey I had photographed in Downtown Disney.

It came out pretty good and it was time to paint him. I carefully matched the colors to the photo and within a few days of non-stop work, I completed the painting. It turned out so beautiful and nice, my friend couldn’t believe I painted it. Neither could I. The funny thing that came out of all of this was, I actually fell in love with the painting.


So, once Christmas came and I gave him the painting, a few days later I returned to the art store and bought more canvases and paints. I started to work on many different things, trying to create my own unique style or at least find one. I kept painting and painting. Then one day, maybe a year later, I won an exhibition in Miami’s Art Basel.

The painting I made was of Madonna from her True Blue period. I recreated the album cover, but instead of keeping it in its Herb Ritts’ monotone blue colors – I brightened it up and added a cool graffiti design on her face. The painting became the main piece on display and on all the media releases.

Success continued when I was approached by a publisher to have another painting I made, one of the Statue of Liberty and a New York bustling city scene, into greeting cards and playing cards. They have been so popular, they are now Moleskine notebooks. It seemed like I was on the right track, being approached by sudden popularity for my art – which I welcomed. I enjoy painting and making people happy with my art.

Now, 4 years into my emerging art career, a lot has happened. Many great and wonderful things. I’ve created artwork for the American Cancer Society’s Relay for Life and have been commissioned by many companies to recreate logos in my artistic style along with creating product campaigns.

My art is inspired by the tropical beauty of Florida, the art deco colors of South Beach and the pop art of Keith Haring and Andy Warhol. Picasso is another inspiration as is Niki de Saint Phalle (I adore her use of colors).

Because words are impersonal and I am on a quest to bring a face to my name, I will be working on YouTube videos, featured on my website. Oh yeah, I made the dancing animated heart above too. I love animation. As I gradually become a famous Florida artist, dreams are becoming a reality.