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Does Where You Live Make You Famous Or Hold You Back?

Can You Become Famous Anywhere? Sometimes I wonder if living in a specific city can actually lead to fame and success. I mean there was a time actors would flee to Hollywood in hopes of being an actor, and then there were times when musicians would go to New York with dreams of being a

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Oil Painting Is Not For Me

Oil Paint Techniques This is what I truly lack. It’s not that painting in any medium is necessary difficult, but when you have to use different techniques to get your oil paint to dry quickly, that’s another story. I first started an oil painting thinking that it would be the best way to completely cover

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Salsa Dancers Art

Why Do Pop Artists Use Bright Colors?

When people think of pop art, they think of art with bright colors. Just taking a look of pop art from pop artists like Andy Warhol, Roy Lichtenstein, and Keith Haring, we see the use of bright colors in just about every painting they made. The use of bright colors in art was initially brought

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Avengers Age Of Ultron

Avengers Age Of Ultron

Avengers Age Of Ultron Painting In The Works! Marvel comics have always been a fascination of mine. My favorite marvel comic characters include Spiderman, Captain America, and of course The Avengers. And what better time to make a painting of The Avengers then now with the release of the new movie, Avengers Age Of Ultron?

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I Miss the Days of MySpace Do You?

Myspace Was The First Popular Of All Social Networking Sites Times sure change quickly nowadays. With popular social networking sites like Instagram, Twitter, and the top leading site for many years now, Facebook, it seems like the Millenial generation missed out on what I think was the best social networking site ever created. And that

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Inspiring Artists That Inspire Me To Paint

Inspiring Artists Who Make Me Want To Paint I love to paint! There are so many famous artists that have inspired me, I don’t know where to begin this article. Out of all the inspiring artists, I will say that Keith Haring is one of my biggest inspirations to paint pop art. Drawing art was

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