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Call To Artist? I’m Available! Commissioning an artist can be a daunting task, but I am available for any commissioned work with a proven, strong track record of excellence. My pop art has already been used by the American Cancer Society, Easy Street Publications, Star Gala Awards, Museums Across America, and more. I am always active

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More Visual Art Is Being Sold Online Than In Physical Art Galleries

Art galleries are no longer the ones selling the most paintings anymore, thanks to the internet. The visual art industry is finally making its permanent inclusion into the world wide web by outselling brick-and-mortar galleries. It took the music world a while for people to finally purchase music online instead of buying an album from

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Happy World Emoji Day!

The emoji. We all know what it is now, but back in 1998 when the first emoji was invented by creator Shigetaka Kurita, hardly anybody knew what they were. During the late 1990s, emojis were being slowly but surely used in Japanese communication via electronic messengers like beepers/pagers and cellphones. In 2011, they became so popular that

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Art Is Good For Your Health

If you’re the type of person who is concerned for your health and you do everything in your power to exercise, eat right, and take care of yourself, don’t just depend on the physical to maintain good health. There are other external sources that can keep you in good health and art is one of

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Why You Should Buy Pop Art

Marilyn Monroe pop art, Roy Lichtenstein pop art, comic book pop art – it’s what’s in and it’s what’s selling in the modern art world. Pop art is one of the most popular art movements ever and is continuing to grow day in and out. The pop art movement that was at first a rebellious

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Film, Recording, and Entertainment Council Star Gala Awards Miami Party Scene

Miami Party Scene – New Painting It’s with great honor that I announce, I have been selected as the official artist for the Film, Recording, and Entertainment Council of Miami’s Star Gala 2015, to be held at the Magic City Casino December 19th, 2015. The annual event honors industry leaders and talent who have helped

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