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The Messiness And Truth Behind Abstract Art

I always like to think my art will constantly change form. I mean, I started off as a pop artist painting primarily pop art, but lately I’ve incorporated some abstract art within my pop art. Primarily because, I feel that my life is so messy right now, abstract art seems to emulate what I’m going through. The sheer beauty of the imperfection that abstract art brings relays my feelings. It’s nice too, to not have to worry about my art being perfect by painting this way.

I started to incorporate abstract into my work just out of sheer curiousity to see what I could produce. And when I kept meddling in it, I feel in love. Don’t get me wrong, I love pop art and I will continue on my path with what I’ve been doing and what’s been known as my signature collage style meets stain glass art. The best artists are the ones who evolve.

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Why Do Pop Artists Use Bright Colors?

When people think of pop art, they think of art with bright colors. Just taking a look of pop art from pop artists like Andy Warhol, Roy Lichtenstein, and Keith Haring, we see the use of bright colors in just about every painting they made. The use of bright colors in art was initially brought about through a movement called the Fauves, which is French for “wild beast”. The Fauves movement was known for its use of bold colors. Somehow, this carried on into pop art as well.

Where Did Pop Art Come From?

Pop art was another movement that started in the 1950s in Britain. Pop art was seen in a new light because it was the pop artist’s innovative ideas to take everyday objects (such as household products, comic books) and turn these popular items into works of art. At first, many people saw pop art as being a form of destructive art because it often imitated well-known brands or celebrities in a different, sometimes unflattering light. But because we as humans like what we are familiar with, pop art started to turn into something people appreciated and for lack of better words, became popular art.

The playful content of pop art and the familiarity of the art subject made it more appreciated and something people could accept hanging on the walls in their house. Using bright colors helped take the ordinary images borrowed from everyday life and made them pop. So generally speaking, most pop artists use bright colors in their art work simply to add a pop to it and to take the images from the common perception to a new one. Not all pop artists use bright colors in their works however, but for the most part pop artists use bright colors in their art.

I am a pop artist that uses bright colors in my works as you can see from these beautiful original pop art paintings that are full of color and life.

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