Mermaid Pop Art

Alex Vera has worked with many well- known organizations like the American Cancer Society where they incorporated his art into posters and greeting cards for their many Cancer Walks.

Additionally, Alex has been commissioned by many big corporations that you most likely know as household name brands.

He has also been in Miami's infamous Art Basel and Sleepless Nights along with exhibiting at over 15 art exhibitions within the past 4 years, which is when he started painting.

Even though he is somewhat new to the art scene, he has already won many accolades in the art world and is celebrated by many celebrities.

Wine Bottle Art Alex Vera
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His work of art embodies the very essence of life which is quite fitting for the new product launched by the Coca-Cola company this year.

Alex’s work is filled with life and energy which go hand and hand with a product with the word life in it. Everything he paints is based on life, love and energy.

The American Cancer Society and Alex Vera have teamed up to work on a new poster and greeting cards for their 2014 Cancer Walk. Being that October is cancer awareness month, the timing is perfect as is the events that are forthcoming to raise awareness to this deadly disease.

Be sure to get to Orlando, Florida in November for the meet and greet of pop artist Alex Vera. He will be meeting with people and signing autographs in Orlando's City Walk at PoP Gallery. Don't miss this chance to meet world known pop artist Alex Vera.

With the holiday season closing approaching, pop artist Alex Vera will be releasing a new collection of paintings - just in time for the season! These new artworks will be displayed in his gallery in Orlando, Florida and also exhibited online November 1st.