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Inspiring Artists That Inspire Me To Paint

Inspiring Artists Who Make Me Want To Paint I love to paint! There are so many famous artists that have inspired me, I don’t know where to begin this article. Out of all the inspiring artists, I will say that Keith Haring is one of my biggest inspirations to paint pop art. Drawing art was

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The Top Famous Singers I Love

The Singers I Love Are Probably The Best Singers Of All Time Well, that’s just my opinion, and even though I am a visual artist, I often am asked questions about who I idolize both in the visual art field and the music industry. So I decided to make a blog post about it to

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James-Dean-John Bramblitt-Blind-Artist

Blind Artist John Bramblitt Creates Inspirational Paintings By Touch

I admit it, I take my senses for granted just like everyone does. But not anymore. Not after I read an article about an artist, John Bramblitt, who paints beautiful, colorful paintings by touch alone. And because I am an artist myself, I am grateful for all my senses. John wasn’t born blind but lost

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How To Find Your Purpose In Life And FulFilling It

Most of us have been talked out of our dreams and purpose in life. Possibly it began for you when you were a child. Imagine back to the days when you were a kid and you wanted to be, let’s say a rockstar. Your parent’s immediate reaction was “NO!”, you’re going to college to be

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Trying To Be The Next Big Thing In The Art World

So I’ve been thinking about it lately. Time flies. It sure does. I mean, this year is already a quarter over and it’s hard to believe. Knowing that time is going by so quickly, in the back of my head, I always feel like it’s a race against time trying to get my art out

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What Is Art Really When a 4Chan Screenshot Sells For $90,900?

Andy Warhol, if you were alive today I don’t even think you would understand what art is. The art world is so different, it’s hard to distinguish what’s art and what isn’t. Warhol basically was the first to make something commercial into art, thus starting the pop art movement. He took something that had no

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